Sony Has Purchased A Stake In From Software Owner Kadokawa Corporation


Sony Has Purchased A Stake In From Software Owner Kadokawa Corporation

The parent company of Bloodborne and Dark Souls studio From Software has formed a capital alliance with Sony.

PLAYSTATION is buying FROM SOFTWARE? Rumor or Real…

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With recent news of Sony and Microsoft acquiring many different gaming studios, rumors of a From Software acquisition by playstation are making the rounds. Playstation has been hyping up Elden Ring and interviewing Miyazaki about the game. Many suspect that this could be the signs of interworkings for a Bloodborne 2 or PS5 exclusive Souls game.
0:00 Intro
0:43 Elden Ring Warning
1:06 Playstation and Miyazaki
2:35 Sony and Kadokawa
3:37 More Acquisitions Incoming
4:32 Future and Bloodborne 2
6:03 Is It Real?
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Sony Looking to Buy Fromsoftware Next According to Dr Serkan Toto of Kantan Games

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0:00 Topics of today
0:35 The Source
1:06 What does this mean
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Playstation buys LOTS MORE STOCK in FROM SOFTWARE! But why?!?

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