Virtua Tennis 2009 Review


Virtua Tennis 2009 Review

Virtua Tennis is too easy and inconsistent to entertain you for long.

Virtua Tennis 2009 analisis review

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Virtua Tennis 2009 – Underarm Serve + Achievement

To underarm serve you must do the following:
when you are serving press down on the D Pad and Y at the same time and then you push up on your left anolog stick so it goes over the net.

1. On the main menu click play.
2. Put the players as 2 and carry on to pick your player.
3. Connect a second controller and pick characters for both controllers.
4. when in match do the serve and make sure he gets and ace and the achievement will pop up. ( this may not work first time but second time the achievement will pop up. )

Игры на вынос – Virtua Tennis 2009

Обзор игры Virtua Tennis 2009 от maddyson
В выпуске: Сталин против марсиан, Virtua Tennis 2009, и Call of Juarez 2, Race Driver GRID (идут вместе)
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