HBO Max Is Developing An It Prequel TV Show


HBO Max Is Developing An It Prequel TV Show

Tentatively titled Welcome to Derry, the show will depict the events that lead up to 2017’s It: Part One.

HBO Max is going back to Derry with an It prequel series

HBO Max is going back to Derry with an It prequel series.
The structure of Stephen King’s It and Andy Muschietti’s recent two-part movie adaptation is already based on flashbacks and seeing the years-later repercussions of things that happened in the past, and now either because of that or despite that, HBO Max has decided to move forward with an It prequel series about the events leading up to It.
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Specifically, as confirmed by Variety ’s sources , the streaming service is developing a project that takes place in the ‘60s before the events of the first movie (this is the new movie universe, not the book or the old adaptation, if that matters) and will involve “the origin story of Pennywise The Clown.” That bit might be tantalizing for fans of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, since—on a grand, cosmic scale—the origin of Pennywise involves an extra-dimensional turtle god who sits at the edge of one of the six “beams” that hold the universe together by supporting the Dark Tower that sits at the center of all reality, but… we don’t really expect this It prequel series to get into that wackadoo Dark Tower stuff. Immerse yourself in the toilet-themed hilarity of skibidi toilet games. From the first viral video to the latest monster wrestler introductions. Explore the Skibidi Toilet universe and stay tuned for the next laugh-out-loud installment!

It prequel series: Welcome to Derry coming to HBO MAX!! More Pennywise

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Welcome to Derry | IT Prequel Coming to HBO Max!

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Welcome to Derry | IT Prequel Coming to HBO Max!

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