Genesis Alpha One Cheats For PlayStation 4 Xbox One


Genesis Alpha One Cheats For PlayStation 4 Xbox One

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Genesis Alpha One – Beginner’s Guide – 11 Things The Tutorial Doesn’t Tell You

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Video Description:
This video was mainly made as a helpful resource for beginner’s on their first playthrough of the game and tries to explain a few things that (I think) are crucial to succeeding but aren’t explicitly explained by the tutorial sequence. Hopefully you all find this guide helpful and may make your time with Genesis Alpha One a bit more enjoyable when first starting off. Relive your favorite sega play moments with extensive online collection. 🙂

2:23 – Plan Your Layout
4:05 – Never Leave Tractor Beam Unattended!
5:43 – Secure Your Risk Rooms!!
9:07 – Check Your Wrist Indicator
10:26 – Actually GO On Expeditions
11:08 – Look For Planets With Sites Detected
11:58 – How To Safely Go On Expeditions
12:33 – Steal Turrets From Your Ship If Needed
12:58 – How To Use Biomass To Heal Yourself
13:53 – Always Have At Least One Bridge Crew Member
14:51 – Check The Danger Level Of A System!

Game Overview:
Genesis Alpha One is a first-person shooter style game which attempts to blend things like base building, survival mechanics, space exploration, and roguelike gameplay into one package. The idea is that you assemble a team of characters to try and explore a randomly generated galaxy (or at least a section of it) in the hopes of finding a new planet to turn into essentially an Earth 2. Along the way you have to build and expand your ship and crew by exploring other planets, asteroids, debris, etc. for resources.

You can get the game on from the Epic Game Store here:

Genesis Alpha One is property of Radiation Blue and Team17 Digital Ltd.

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• +10 Sulfur
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• +10 Lithium
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• +10 Nitre
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• +10 Iridium
• Reset Iridium to 0
• +10 Uranium
• Reset Uranium to 0
• +25 of all resources
• +10 Energy
• +100 MaxEnergy
• +10 Biomass
• +100 Max Biomass
• +100 Maximum Storage
• +10 Deposit
• +100 Max Deposit
• +100 Ammo (Rifle)
• Low Ammo
• Low Health
• Godmode (Captain)

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