Pokemon Gold / Silver / Crystal Version Cheats For Game Boy Color


Pokemon Gold / Silver / Crystal Version Cheats For Game Boy Color

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Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal GB/C Hacking Tutorial #1

First part of an updated series of rom hacking video tutorials for pokemon gold, silver and crystal. I have decided to upload 2 or 3 videos including the contents of original parts 1 to 9 and here is one of them.

There are a couple of reasons behind the update but most proper one being the fact I didn’t understand enough back then to share that knowledge for others. And my voice sounded silly too!

Part #1 contents
-Introduction to hex editing (and binary)
-GB/C rom structure
-Hex editing examples
-Text editing
-Trainer editing

Download a program Poketext for text editing, and my expanded table file here:

Poketext is basically a program that uses an ini-file to determine where to look for text data to be edited with it. It’s wise to use it along with a hex editor for doing the text editing though.

Pokemon Gold and Silver: How to Get Infinite Master Balls (No Gameshark)

This is a simple demonstration of where to get the master ball, and how to clone it to get an unlimited amount in Pokemon Gold.

To get the master ball. You must first defeat the 8th Gym Leader Clair at the Blackthorn Gym. Then, when you leave said gym. Professor Elm will call you and tell you he has something for you. Go see him and he will give you the master ball. Now from here, give the master ball to any Pokemon. Go to a Pokemon center. Save before performing the glitch. Than walk up to the PC. Deposit your Pokemon into one of the boxes, than select the option to switch the boxes. And reset the game before the word “SAVING” fully appears on screen. And do this as many times as you want for unlimited master balls!!

pokemon crystal/silver cheat codes (check desc for more codes)

Cheat codes! (theres some more here since i was too lazy to record all of the other codes)

019604D2 – Mewtwo
01F404D2 – Entei
01F304D2 – Raikou
01F504D2 – Suicune
01F904D2 – Lugia
01FB04D2 – Celebi
019204D2 – Moltres
0191104D2 – Zapdos
019004D2 – Articuno
01FA04D2 – Ho-oh
019704D2 – Mew

0120F2D0 – Rare candy
013F50D8 – Infinite money
01424FD8 – Infinite money 2
010F4ED8 – Infinite money 3
0101D8D8 – Masterball

Other pk
019504D2 – Dragonite
018504D2 – Eevee
01D004D2 – Steelix
014104D2 – Alakazam
010404D2 – Charmander
010104D2 – Bulbasaur
01F204D2 – Blastoise

010730D2 – Shiny pk
0100FAC2 – WTW 1 (walk through walls)
0100FBC2 – WTW 2
0100FCC2 – WTW 3
0100FDC2 – WTW 4

(if these dont work, try replacing the 0 at the start with a 9)